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Picture this: It’s Monday morning, you wake up late for work and have absolutely nothing to wear. You waste time sorting through your closet, trying on endless outfits and end up sprinting out the door in whatever you haphazardly threw on. Fashion conscious individuals know this feeling all too well. Fortunately, thanks to the Cloth App, iPhone users can now look forward to Monday mornings.

For all those women who grew up in the 90s, Cloth can be considered the 21st century version of Cher Horowitz’s virtual closet in Clueless, aka my childhood dream come true. The idea behind Cloth is that it allows users to snap pictures of their favorite outfits, save them according to weather and category, and then share the pictures via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

The uses for Cloth are endless; its real-time weather integration with wunderground makes dressing for outside conditions a breeze; the categorization feature allows users to see what to pack for a vacation by simply clicking on the “vacation” tag; and its social media capabilities allow users to see what their friends are wearing to certain events before arriving. Considering the fact that my sister, mother and I usually show up to family gatherings wearing the same outfit, the sharing capability is my favorite aspect of the app. Although matching may be cute when you’re five, by the time you enter your twenties, it starts to get embarrassing. Cloth even encourages users to share their outfits on social media by awarding points and badges to those who do so.

As a whole, we are a sharing generation; we spend our days checking in, tweeting and posting pictures to keep our friends and followers updated on our whereabouts. It is no longer enough to have someone that you run into on the street compliment your outfit – users want the instant gratification that comes from a notification popping up.

Watch out Instagram, Cloth’s photo editing features and social media capabilities might just become the next big thing.

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By Lewis Shields, PepperDigital

Currently running in beta at a private location in Nashville, Facedeals is the latest facial recognition technology to plug in to Facebook. Created by ad firm Red Pepper Land, it will allow businesses to install a camera that will automatically recognize and check-in patrons who have opted in to the app. From there, businesses can send tailored deals direct to customer phones.

This is an interesting development in SoLoMo (Social-Local-Mobile) marketing, with huge opportunities for business to directly engage customers whilst they are in front of them. It could also be a game changer for both Facebook check-in and deals, which remain used only by the few, and will allow it to contend with stronger location based social services such as FourSquare. Given Facebook’s gargantuan number of loyal users, and more than 40% of them accessing it on the move, businesses will see a quicker and more significant return from tapping into this network, rather than niche geo-social networks.

However, privacy campaigners are up in arms about the potential consequences of using this type of technology. Although the app will be opt in, users are often quick to accept terms and conditions without reading the small print, meaning they could leave themselves open to being ‘tracked’ in all manner of ways. Information on travel patterns and purchase behaviors would be of serious interest to marketing firms, especially when tied to additional information from social profiles.

There are no imminent plans for Facedeals to launch worldwide, however technology like this is always being developed so it’s only a matter of time until this or a similar system becomes viable. Further blurring the lines between digital and real world is an exciting prospect, but with such potentially high costs to privacy, it’ll be interesting to see how many Facebook users opt in.

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By Courtney Moed, PepperDigital

Weddings are a fantastic time for everyone, but who really gets to see the hundreds photographs? With this modern application called Wedding Party, guests are able to participate with a photo book by taking pictures off their camera phones and uploading them to an album. This way, everyone is able to be involved and see photos that may not have seen otherwise.

Guests feel as though they have more participation in the wedding and it becomes a very creative way to collaborate and create a guest book that everyone can enjoy. The Wedding Party app combines the photos and videos into a minute by minute order, that way everything is shuffled into sections of when they actually occurred instead of by the owner of the photos. This feature makes the app very useful because it allows for pictures to come from multiple perspectives, which is something that is not offered by other online photo book websites.

The idea with Wedding Party is that, instead of putting people on the spot, guests can share the photos they captured during the celebration whether they are natural or posed. People don’t have to stop everything they are doing to pose for a picture. Instead, they can take their own photographs in a more suiting manor.

This application makes the guests’ contribution to the wedding more organic because they are able to add photographs and videos that the bride and groom would not have if all the photos relied on one or two photographers. A majority of the wedding photos are of the bride and groom (it’s their special day after all) but guests also want to feel like a part of it and this app allows some of the focus to be on the guests as well.

An extremely important aspect of this app is that makes people feel more comfortable because they don’t have to worry about being judged when the videographer puts them on the spot by asking them to say something nice about the couple. Many times the videographer comes around late during the night after you’ve had a couple cocktails or are exhausted from dancing, but with this application you can make sure that you look perfect and have your speech rehearsed before you give your best wishes.

Years ago, disposable cameras were left on the tables for guests to take casual photos that the bride and groom would have developed. These cameras were a fun way for guests to share different aspects of the wedding. This idea was so popular that companies changed the look of the cameras with a fancier, wedding-like appearance. People don’t use disposable cameras as often anymore. In its place, technological advances like the Wedding Party app are a way to share photos and create an album full of memories that can be more readily accessed by all guests.

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