By Joe Becker, PepperDigital

In 1944 world leaders gathered in New Hampshire to create the IMF and the World Bank to manage global economics in a post-crisis world. Pretty amazing considering these countries had just emptied their wallets to fight Hitler.
Recently, Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank, said “the world needs a Facebook of economic government: a fluid, interconnected network of International institutions with a flexible steering group of leading countries.” Zoellick couldn’t be more right; the world order of banking institutions needs to be more interconnected, have better channels of communications, and frankly, they need to make more friends. I’m not saying that we wouldn’t be in this crisis had Paul Wolfowitz or Zoellick created Facebook pages. I do know, from experiences with clients, that more transparency, an open dialogue with stakeholders and participating in the community’s conversation are all elements of successful communications (digital or otherwise).

PepperDigital has talked about the need for more Web 2.0 in government here and recently in an op-ed in BusinessWeek here. I think if our banking institutions and government representative embraced just a few digital elements we’d all be better represented, understand the root of our challenges and opportunity more and stronger with knowledge to boot.

Let me know if you agree.

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