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Darren Rowse at ProBlogger recently wrote about a survey he conducted regarding where bloggers get their Trafficsources1biggest levels of traffic. His findings show something I’ve suspected all along: Search engines deliver a tremendous amount of visitors to the average blog.

Darren’s survey showed that 46% of respondents reported Google as their top traffic source, followed by social media sites (15%) and other blogs (12%). I was surprised yet pleased to find social media sites delivering so much traffic. I’ve observed that over the past couple of years traffic from these sites has risen to noticeable — but by no means generous — levels. I’d chalk it up to the long tail effect starting to act on all that older content everyone has submitted.

Regardless, think about how those search engine visitors (most of them visiting you for the first time) will form their first impression of you and consider how that view jives with what your regular readers expect or like. Time to make a change?

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