The nice boys and girls (okay, Michael Arrington) at TechCrunch wrote today about a new service in development called "Publish2", a Digg-clone where anyone can submit news, but only journalists can vote for stories.

"The idea is to create a news resource for news rooms, who are
increasingly stressed due to headcount cuts and competition with blogs."

From the sounds of it, Publish2 is shaping up to be a way for publications to earn a little traffic on the cheap. But like Arrington noted at the end of his post, this site is going to be void of visitors and, therefore, content after its launch. The why, I think, stretches back to a fact PR firms face on a daily basis: Journalists are swamped. They have a ton of work to do already, what with their day jobs and all, and many of them struggle to maintain blogs as well. Where will journalists find time to consistently visit Publish2 and vote for stories? Just how many reporters will be needed on a daily basis to keep the content fresh? More importantly, will they care? I don’t think they get paid enough to care about yet another 2.0 service.

More importantly, with Digg locking up the tech news and Reddit locking up all the political (and lolcats) news, there’s hardly any room for another clone (though I am quite pleased to see sk*rt, a Digg-clone for women, is doing well). Publish2 will probably have more luck partnering up with one of the bigger fish.

- Erik Sebellin-Ross and PepperDigital