Not sure if you have seen Meghan McCain’s blog, but it is an interesting case study and look into life on the campaign trail for John McCain, from his daughter’s perspective. puts an appealing spin on the arduous task of running for president, from the eyes of a twenty-something recent college grad.  The site is full of content, with videos, daily posts, her music playlists, and a plethora of photos of her father, mother, and their entourage of supporters, media, and friends.

Meghan seems to stay away from talking about her political views, and talks about the things that appeal to “the Facebook generation,” although in a recent interview with The Washington Post, she divulged that she voted for John Kerry in 2004.  Hey… at least she is open about it.

Whether you are planning on voting for McCain or not, check out Megan McCain’s blog, and give us your opinion on how this is helping or hurting the McCain campaign.

-Rob Longert and PepperDigital

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