Our client gave us a heads up on an event he heard about on Gawker, regarding an attempt to set theTmnt2_5 Guinness Book World Record for “The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Ninja Turtles.”

Of course Jacob and I had to go… wouldn’t you?  Who doesn’t want to dress up like a turtle, eat some pizza, and dance to Vanilla Ice’s “Ninja Rap?”

With our costumes in tow, we arrived at the event to witness close to 800 people amped up to “make history.” We couldn’t believe it…  How did all of these people know about the event, even if they were Rutgers students?

Tmnt_2It had to have been through Gawker, right?  After asking the RU students, we realized we were wrong and learned that they heard about the event through Facebook.

Wouldn’t it be nice if corporate America could have this much success through social networking sites? These kids pulled off this event without a hitch and got great publicity for themselves.  They took a great idea and ran with it, and didn’t think twice…

So why is this so hard for businesses to do, when college kids can do it without trying?

By Rob Longert and Jacob Ramos, PepperDigital

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